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Birth & Baby Services


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Currently accepting applications for low-cost or no cost birth doula services 

with due dates of Feb. 2021 or later only. 

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We understand there are times when you want the support of a professional doula as part of your birth team, but resources are limited. We care & are here to help, therefore our services are based upon your income.

We offer

Birth Doula Services

Birth Prep Classes

Postpartum Doula Services

Newborn Education & Support


Click here to apply for our services

Services available in:

Phoenix metro

Tucson metro

Casa Grande




Our Story

How BABS was Born

Professional, Caring &


Our dedicated team of professional volunteer doulas are here to provide you with evidence-based education & support, before, during & after delivery.

Working with the BABS team you can expect a unique approach to preparing for birth, which includes educational videos, birth prep assignments, bi-weekly check-ins as needed, as well as hands-on labor position practice during your final months of pregnancy.

Even during Covid we can prepare you for birth through specialized birth prep education, helping you feel confident and empowered to advocate for yourself if we cannot be physically with you.

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Watch Birth Prep & Newborn Care Videos 

Watch Birth Prep Videos

Watch Baby Prep Videos

Great Newborn & Breastfeeding videos in many languages

Did you Know?

That $35 allows us to provide

new parents with a box of

120 count newborn diapers.

Box of newborn diapers

That $50 allows us to provide new parents with a box of 120 count newborn diapers and a box of 576 count wipes.


Diapers and wipes

That $86 allows us to provide new parents with a box of 120 count newborn diapers, a box of 576 count wipes and 2-packs of Onsies.

Diapers, wipes & onsies

All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your tax records.

All donations will be received under our parent nonprofit - You Can't Groom Me.

Learn how you can become a one-time or monthly sponsor of BABS!

You Can't Groom Me

Founding non-profit of BABS

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Please consider donating today to allow us to continue to support pregnant individuals in our community.