Birth and Baby Services

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Newborn Respite

Adjusting to parenthood and lack of sleep when you bring your newborn home can be difficult. The days and nights seem to blend together and you may even forget when you had your last shower. We understand and are here to help care for your baby while you take a nap, shower or have some down time. Our newborn respite service is something we offer to our birth doula clients during the first 3-months after birth.

Newborn respite guidelines:

  • you must be one of our birth doula clients
  • this is a service we offer to the mom only
  • mom must remain at home (we provide this service so you can nap, shower or have some down time)
  • time allotments available up to 3-hours (depends upon available newborn respite providers)
  • up to 2 newborn respite services in a month (depends upon available newborn respite providers)
  • service offered until baby is 3-months old

rates are based on your monthly income and will be included in your birth doula information packet.