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Consent or Decline use of TENS unit

Consent or decline use of TENS unit*
The birthing client does hereby authorize the attending doulas, back up doulas and student doulas to use the TENS unit on birthing client during labor as allowed by the hospital or birth center. The birthing client confirms that they have been shown how the TENS unit works and understands that they can request the use of the TENS unit as long as the medical staff is in agreeance. The TENS unit cannot be used if the birthing client receives an epidural or has any metal in areas the TENS pads would be placed or any open sores. TENS cannot be used by birthing clients with a demand pacemaker, heart disease, epilepsy, in the shower, tube of near water. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is applied by means of electro pads which pulses are transmitted across the skin to reduce pain sensation and/or massage based on the TENS unit used. The birthing client will feel a pulsating sensation that may help increase their own pain-relieving chemicals known as endorphins. Birthing client understands that they are using the TENS unit at their own risks and accord and that all BABS – Birth and Baby Service doulas will not be held responsible for any damage the TENS unit can cause the birthing client.
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Thank you for completing the TENS unit Consent or Decline form. We will add this to your file. If you have any questions about the TENS unit, give Sheri a call at 602-321-0074 or email her at [email protected]