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Volunteer Opportunities with BABS

If you have a little time to give to help support new parents, please consider the following volunteer opportunities we currently have available. If you are interested in giving a bit of your time to any of the following, please click on the associated tab to sign up. We cannot do what we do, without volunteers like you, so thank you!


If you love holding babies, this may be an ideal volunteer opportunity for you! We provide a respite program to our clients, that allows the new mama to have a "cuddler" come to their home, who will tend to the baby's needs - change diapers, feed and cuddle baby while mom is able to take a nap, shower and have time to herself.

Our respite program provides new mom's the opportunity to have a "cuddler" come over two-times a month for 3-hours for up to 3-months. We even have some mama's who may need some help while they're in the hospital.  This is not a baby sitting service and the mom cannot leave. We provide this so mama can get a bit of time to herself.

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Community Project

If your class, group, family, co-workers or friends are looking for a worthy cause to support through donations, we would be honored to have your support! We are always in need of baby items and if you want to organize a community donation project to help with the following items, we thank you:

Baby clothes newborn to 12-months in good condition (no stains please)

Baby blankets in good condition (no stains please)

Baby toys - rattles - books

Car seats - new only

pack and plays in good condition

Co-sleepers in good condition

Share your community project idea with us here

If your organization has a fundraiser idea and you would like BABS to be the recipient of your event, we cannot tell you know much it would mean to us!

We are in the community everyday supporting pregnant teens and women who have experienced trauma before or during pregnancy, ensuring they are not alone before, during and after pregancy.

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